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Alex and Gabrielle Gellis are filled with joy as they embark on a journey as missionaries to El Valle, Panama. Alex and Gabrielle met through Jesus Image Ministries as students in the Jesus School Program, an experience that marked them deeply. They left burning with the Love of Jesus Christ in their hearts and made a vow that they would spend their lives serving Jesus in whatever capacity God asked of them. As a bonus to all God did for them, Alex and Gabrielle fell in love and after graduating school, got married!

Alex and Gabrielle are excited to team up with Oasis of Hope! Many of Gabrielle’s family members have faithfully served the Lord, inspiring her at a young age with a desire to spread the news of Jesus Christ throughout the world. She has vivid memories from childhood of the Lord specifically asking her if she would be willing to “go”. Alex gave his life to the Lord at the age of 21 and envisioned himself serving alongside his brother, Nick Gellis. What better way to plow the fields of the Kingdom than alongside family. Alex and Gabrielle’s hearts are to serve Behold Church, Oasis of Hope and the region of El Valle in whatever ways Christ would be most glorified. This is their singular goal: Influence people to have a deep, authentic, and life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Join them on this journey of bringing the love of God to El Valle!

Alex and Gabrielle Gellis
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